Covertina is one of the best leading share holding companies in the field of manufacturing chocolates and sweets. Established in 1963 with a capital of 50 million Egyptian pounds and over than 40 years of experience.
There are 1200 workers employed to fulfill the production capacity which is about tons per day.
Machines used in factory are not only advanced and modern but technologically up-to-date as will which suite the enormity of production as well as its diversity according to the international standard specifications. Moreover, the company has successfully put its hand over the international markets, exporting about 40% of its production to more than 45 countries in Africa, Middle East, Asia, United States and Europe. The company has agents in most Arab countries and also exports to many countries allover the world. Among the various products of the company are: bulk milk chocolate and filled chocolate with nuts, tablets all kinds of mounded chocolates with nuts – caramel – crisp and coconut , crunch bonbon, toffee with different flavors,flavored drops, lollipops and almond sugar bonbon for all accasions

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